How Do We Win?

Surprisingly and unfortunately we are in a health war. The food companies and other special interests do not have the population’s health as their highest concern. They want to sell food and make a profit. This isn’t their fault, it’s how the economy expands and provides jobs. They sell what people will buy and this isn’t always in the best interests of the consumers. I get it- the food people want to eat (and can afford) is not always the healthiest. That’s where we want to make a difference. Health Contribution, Inc. wants to improve health through education and awareness of what foods and lifestyle choices lead to better health. It’s also awareness in what unhealthy foods can do to contribute to bad health.

We can win this war by making healthy choices fun and the first choice regardless of nutritional value. We can make exercise fun and often more importantly, fast and easy. A lot to do is necessary to make this a reality. The universe has made unhealthy food taste the best and overeating pleasurable. We don’t have to just do what our base instincts tell us though. We can use our intelligence and inner motive to be healthy and feel better to change our lifestyle choices and live better, smarter lives.

Health Contribution, Inc. needs your help though. Fighting the food companies and mass media is not easy or cheap. They have unlimited budgets to push their sugar and other carbohydrates. We need just a little bit of your help to raise awareness to the best practices of nutritional diets and efficient exercise. Donate or contribute in any way possible so we can help contribute to the health of as many as we can. We need you and they need you.

The importance of spreading the word about the value of good diets, good lifestyle choices, and regular exercise. Too many people, for example, rely on cheap, processed foods to get them through the day. They taste OK, they don’t cost much, and some of them might even appear healthy if you just glance at the box. Unfortunately, you simply can’t trust these kind of products; a shocking amount of them feature sky high levels of fat and salt. It’s always best to know exactly what you’re eating, and the only way you can do that is by buying your own food and cooking it yourself. Even better, grow it yourself; you won’t get food any fresher, and the time spend outside cultivating it will expose you to sunshine and fresh air! It’s more time consuming than a ready meal, but it’s worth the extra effort for sure. Yet it’s a message lots of people don’t want to hear, because it just sounds less convenient than relying on process food. We need to be able to overcome the filthy rich big food companies, and promote the value of healthy eating.

Too much of the dialogue about healthy eating is dominated by people whose advice should not be followed. No diet should make you feel bad about yourself as a person. If you’re being brow beaten by a book written by a hectoring, heavy handed doctor, and are looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling gloomy about your appearance and who you are as a human being, then there’s a pretty strong chance this is a terrible diet you’re on. The best reason to get healthy is because it’ll allow you to love live even more. If the process is making you miserable, it isn’t worth it. For that same reason, don’t go on a diet that leaves you in a bad mood all day, or guilt trips you into declining invitations to go out and eat or drink with your friends, it’s a terrible diet. At Health Contribution we want to spread positive messages about how having a healthy lifestyle makes life that bit more wonderful, and allows you to enjoy it to its fullest.

We want to promote the idea of exercise being a thing that enhances your day, rather than something you have to reluctantly shoehorn in. Walking, for example, is something every able bodied person does every single day- by simply doing a bit more of it, you can bring immense positive change to your life. Instead of taking the bus all the way to work, get off a couple stops early and walk the rest of the way. If you drive, park the car a little further back than usual. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Of course, walking is not enough on its own, but there are so many other forms of exercises that can be a joy to do. You could take some kind of class, be it dancing or CrossFit; that way, you’ll get to meet new people at the same time as you exercise. Taking up a sport achieves the same thing, with the added benefit of being outside, in the fresh air, boosting your endorphins. Essentially, it’s about having fun and enjoying life, and that’s why we’re needed. Not enough people promote those values and inform people on practical ways to achieve them, which is what we at Health Contribution are passionate about.