Health Contribution, Inc Focus: Diabetes

Health Contribution’s educational awareness initiatives have helped over 13,542 type 2 diabetics gain control of their blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, and allowed many of them to be taken off many of their prescription drugs and stop blood sugar monitoring. This year we are on track to contribute to another 10,000 diabetics’ better health.

The diabetes breakthroughs from better nutrition in diets is more or as effective as the leading type 2 drug at normalizing blood sugar. Some studies have shown how patients are able to fix insulin resistance, reduce neuropathy pain, prevent blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems with better nutrition and specific diets. These techniques have been used successfully by tens of thousands of people in over 40 countries allowing them to lower their need for drugs and injections.

Health Contribution, Inc. wants to show that people with type 2 diabetes can normalize blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce neuropathy pain, lower risk of blindness, amputations and hope to be taken off all diabetes drugs and insulin injections.

The way diabetes works is, basically, by causing a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high. There are two main types of diabetes, with Type 2 Diabetes being by far the more common. This condition occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin. There’s also Type 1 diabetes, when the body’s immune system goes rogue and turns on the cells that produce insulin, attacking and destroying them. Typical symptoms of diabetes include feeling unusually thirsty, urinating more frequently than you would normally, especially at night, and feeling extremely tired. It is possible to have Type 2 diabetes for years without realising you have it because the symptoms are so broad, while Type 1 diabetes can develop in a matter of days. The complications of diabetes can be extremely serious, so if you suspect you may suffer from it it’s vitally important to consult with your doctor, who can confirm whether or not you have the condition and can inform you of the best treatment options. On a day to day basis, however, there are simple things that can be done to stave off some of diabetes’ unpleasant effects.

One of the best ways to keep the worst effects of diabetes at bay is to eat healthily. While you should considering certain foods specifically tailored for diabetics, like diabetic ice cream, the best way to control your diabetes through your diet is to eat healthily like anyone without the condition should. That means lots of fruit and vegetables, and main meals that are build around starchy foods like potatoes, rice, pasta or noodles. Regular exercise is also incredibly important. It lowers your blood pressure and reduces your risk of heart disease, as well as helping your insulin be more effective. Walk anywhere you need to go that’s in walking distance, take up a sport, go to a dance class! There are lots of ways to make exercise convenient or fun.

Unfortunately, type 2 diabetes tends to get worse over time, which means it is important over the long term to liaise with your doctor to see if there are medicines which would be helpful for controlling the condition. Insulin treatment may also be necessary to help control your blood sugar levels. It’s also advisable to get your eyes tested once a year to make sure you aren’t suffering from diabetic retinopathy, a condition which can cause sight loss if left untreated. Really, the most important thing is to keep in regular contact with your doctor. We can offer you plenty of advice and ideas as to how to make the best out of living with your diabetes, but we don’t know you as well as your doctor does. Only they can make suggestions specific to your needs. If you combine a healthy lifestyle with the medication your doctor deems appropriate, you’ll live very happily even with diabetes. While you should always remain vigilant, diabetes does not have to loom large and miserably in your life; it can be easily managed, and even encourage you to make lifestyle changes that will have wide reaching positive, even beyond keeping your illness in check.