Besides nutrition, Health Contribution, Inc. focuses on 2 other important factors that contribute to better health. The first being exercise. There is already so much out there about how to exercise and all the new and fun ways to do it. Our focus is new and fun as well, but also efficiency and integrating the practices with the nutritional diets and lifestyle changes advocated earlier. Our focus is also not on body sculpting and in the ‘beach body’. Our focus is instead on exercise for health; the elimination of fat, toxins within the body and heart health.

Our 2nd focus is natural healing methods. We believe the medical industry doesn’t do a proper job in preventing health issues before they become issues. It does an excellent job in treating illness but not in preventing it. Much of the common health problems seen today can be prevented through better lifestyle choices, better nutrition in diets and efficient exercise. After that, natural healing methods can tackle any issues that arise from there. Health Contribution, Inc. takes a natural healing approach to both the preventative side and the healing side. Everything we need to be healthy already exists naturally.

Improving your diet is the backbone of improving your overall health, and there are obvious steps you can take to do this. The key with your diet is to eat fewer calories than your body is used to you eating. One of the easier ways to do this is to think about what fats you eat every day are completely unnecessary. Think salad dressings or skin on your chicken. When eating meat, always go for lean cuts. Ditch butter and oil. None of these things are massive sacrifice but they can really help you burn those calories. You can brighten up your diet by making sure to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Hopefully you already get a couple of portions in, but there are simple ways you can boost the amount you eat; add some fruit to your breakfast, snack on it once or twice a day, get a salad with your lunch. Build your main meals around starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice and pasta. To get the best out of potatoes, eat them with the skin on. Brown rice and wholewheat pasta are much healthier than their alternatives; they’re packed full of fibre and vitamins and minerals.

It’s also good for your body to drink plenty of fluids across the day, with water of course being the drink you should consume the most of. It’s completely calorie free, it hydrates your skin, it improves your mood, makes you less hungry, helps you concentrate… the benefits are almost endless. Fluid intake is especially important if you’re increasing the amount of exercise you’re doing on an average day, which you should really consider for a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Exercise need not be a chore either. There are plenty of fun ways to get some done, from playing a sport to participating in a dance class. Even sex counts as a respectable workout, helping to burn calories. However, whatever you do, do not drink alcohol in the immediate aftermath of any kind of exercise session. it’s actually worse for you than skipping the workout altogether,  because alcohol stunts the body’s muscle growth process.

To complement the core strategies of a healthier diet and regular exercise, some people find natural healing methods beneficial. Green tea, for example, has been valued immensely for its medicinal properties for generations. Recent studies suggest it can make a small contribution to weight loss, cutting cholesterol, and lowering blood pressure. Just as important as good physical health is good mental health, which is why it’s worth looking into mindfulness meditation programs, which can help you detach yourself from the stress of the everyday and gain a better perspective on life. If you suffer specifically from pain in your back and neck, acupuncture treatments are easy to find, and have been helping soothe people since ancient China. By harmonising all these different methods of achieving physical and mental wellbeing, we believe you’ve got the best possible chance of living a full, positive, and healthy existence.